BIO GAS PLANT BIO GAS PLANT A biogas plant is a facility that provides oxygen-free conditions where anaerobic digestion can occur. Simply put, it’s an artificial system where you can turn waste into sustainable energy and fertilizers, with positive effects on the environment. A Biogas Plant has three Major Components that make the Biogas Production […]


VERMICOMPOSTING VERMICOMPOSTING Vermicomposting, or worm composting, turns kitchen scraps and other green waste into a rich, dark soil that smells like earth and feels like magic. Made of almost pure worm castings, it’s a sort of super compost. Not only is it rich in nutrients but it’s also loaded with the microorganisms that create and […]


TOP AGRICULTURE BUSINESSES TO START 1. MUSHROOM FARMING Mushroom is important not only from a nutritional and medicinal point of view but also for export. It requires little space or land. Mushroom production has tremendous potential as an income generating activity. It grows independent of sunlight, feeds on organic matter and does not require fertile […]


 AGRO BIOTECH Agro Biotech Agricultural biotechnology is a collection of scientific techniques used to improve plants, animals and microorganisms.  Biofertilizers are one of the important pillars in sustainable agriculture to organize production, protect the environment and produce crops free of pollutants, as they are considered environmentally friendly fertilizers that contain microorganisms capable of supplying plants […]


COLD STORAGE Cold Storage An excellent investment for companies looking to improve efficiency and optimising sales of cold stored goods. Cold storage can be used to store products such as meat, dairy, pharmaceutical goods and retail products. It has an enormous amount of space. It is an advantage for the products that need to be […]